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Dare You to....Write

One Tree Hill Fanfic Challenge

A One Tree Hill Fic Challenge Community
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Welcome to the One Tree Hill fic challenge community!

Are you a fanfic writer or reader? Do you love and cherish (at least some) of the characters of One Tree Hill? Do you sometimes want to write, but can't even get out of the starting gate with a story idea?

Then this is the community for you!

How it works:

A challenge/prompt will be posted, and an end date will be set. The challenges could be as vague as 'Valentine's Day in Tree Hill' or as specific as 'Who tries to kill Dan this week?' The challenges may include objects or quotes or songs or pictures. The point is, the challenge/prompt is yours to do with as you wish. Love Nathan/Haley? Yay, write about them! Peyton/Lucas/Brooke emo-angst your thing - go for it!

The only length requirement is that it be over 800 words. Other than that, the sky is the limit. If you want to write 20,000 words and give us a sweet two-parter, well, I don't think anyone will complain. If it fits with the challenge, then you're golden. Any genre you can work into a particular challenge is fine.

There are a couple of rules, which are actually more a formatting thing than anything:

1. When you post, put the main body of the story behind an LJ-cut. Above the cut, put the following:

Word Count:

Please take the time to assign your fic an appropriate rating. Getting an email from "Susie's" mom because she caught her reading p0rn seems like it would be an unfortunate experience. At least let us defend ourselves saying she knew it was p0rn when she clicked.

2. Please, when you post your story, post tags. Add your username, story name, and pairings/characters. This will help us create a spiffy memory section so we can always go back to the excellent stories you’ll post!

3. All fics must be OTH. Crossovers are fine, but this is a OTH fic community, and the fics should, you know, reflect that.

4. Play nice. Con-crit is great, but bashing isn't. So temper the feedback, especially when the story isn't up to snuff for you. Definitely try and leave feedback - it encourages the writers and lets them know what they're doing right, and that's important! And feedback can be left anonymously, hint, hint, nudge, nudge, readers without accounts!

5. Write! There can never be enough fanfic in the world, and we want you to help with that. And if you don't write fic, write feedback. It really does feed the writer's soul!

6. You can submit as many fics as you can write, but we will ask you to choose just one to be eligible for the awards vote at the end of the challenge.

7. If you post elsewhere in addition to here, please include a link back to us! Share the fic love!

When (no, not if!) you decide to participate, please snag one of our beautiful buttons, courtesy of lenz_obsessed, to post in the user info of your LJ:

Dare You to Write Dare You to Write Dare You to Write

Dare You to Write Dare You to Write

This community is designed and intended for good fic, entertainment, and most of all fun. Writers and readers alike are more than welcomed, and we thank all of you for your participation.

Have any questions, comments or suggestions? Please feel free to post them HERE .


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